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ShowMe Dharma's purpose is to support and encourage personal and collective liberation from the causes of suffering primarily through the teachings and practices of Theravada Buddhism. We practice and study together to cultivate awakened minds, compassionate hearts, and a community based upon kindness, generosity, and wisdom.




In 1993 Ginny Morgan and Phil Jones co-founded ShowMe Dharma. It began with the simple desire to have a welcoming space to practice Insight Meditation, a form of Theravada Buddhism, with others. After a few years as more people learned of Show Me Dharma it became apparent that there was a need for instruction and guidance. With the support of their own teachers, Ginny and Phil began offering these services. As the community continued to grow senior students were asked to take leadership positions as teachers and as trustees of the organization. ShowMe Dharma continues to be guided by its current Board of Trustees and Teachers.

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