A Four-Week Course at Show Me Dharma

Date and Time: Wednesdays   7:00 pm. – 8:30 pm., March 9- March 30, 2022
Location: via Zoom
Cost: This class is offered on a Dana (voluntary donation) basis

In our Western culture, meditation has become popular and has brought many benefits to our society.  Many different types of mental activity have been referred to as meditation, e.g. the use of concentration, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, visualization, free association, forms of prayer, the repetition of a mantra, etc. 

Show Me Dharma is a sangha and dharma community that is guided by the Theravada tradition of Buddhism and within this tradition, the specific type of meditation that is practiced is Vipassana (most often translated from the Pali language as “Insight Meditation”).   Vipassana is the oldest form of Buddhist meditation as it was originally taught by the Buddha.

This short course has three main objectives:
•       to delineate and clarify just what “vipassana” or “insight” meditation is and how it is different from other forms of meditation (understanding with the mind);
•       to understand how it is practiced as well as to be a guide for developing a personal Vipassana practice (to experience it for oneself) ;
•       to clarify and experience some of the transformational benefits of Vipassana for the lessening of suffering.

The class will be facilitated by Caya Tanski

To register, go to:

For any questions, contact Caya at


Weekly Sitting Meditation


On Sunday morning (10-11 am) and Tuesday evenings (7:30-8:30 pm) we offer a 30-minute sitting meditation followed by a short dharma talk and discussion. Currently these sessions are offered on Zoom. They are led by a member of the Show Me Dharma teachers’ council. All are welcome. No registration required. For more information visit our FAQs



Monday Morning Class

Meets every Monday 8 - 9:30 am



The Monday morning class is a committed practice group that offers an opportunity to bring the practice of insight meditation into all aspects of daily life. It is for those with several months’ meditation experience. Participants register and commit to regular attendance of the meetings. The class is taught by Joe McCormack and is focused on a dharma book that Joe and the class have selected. 

To register or get more information contact Joe McCormack at


Thursday Evening Class     

Meets every Thursday 7 - 8:30 pm


The Thursday evening class offers an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the Buddha dharma with the support of committed spiritual friends. The class revolves around the reading of a foundational text that is discussed each week. We focus on how to integrate practice into our daily lives through questions and dialogue. The class is facilitated by a roster of senior students and teachers. Participants commit to daily practice, reading the material and participation in class. It is offered on a dana basis. To register or get more information contact Terry Furstenau at



Sutta Study Class    

Meets the 1st Monday of each month from 7-9 pm


The Sutta study class reads and discusses the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha. During each meeting we will begin with a short period of silent meditation, read aloud portions of the sutta readings and explore questions or comments you might have about the text. The focus is both on understanding the teachings and on how they are relevant to your own life and practice. The class is offered on a dana basis and registration is required. Contact Phil Jones at for more information.