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Show Me Dharma Caring Committee


The Show Me Dharma Caring Committee was organized to provide wise and kind support for and service to members of Show Me Dharma community, the Columbia community at large, and in response to suffering in the world. We are in the process of planning several exciting projects, and as we proceed, we are seeking your participation. Here are some of the projects we are working on developing, both currently and in the future.


  1. One mission of the Caring Committee is to provide support to folks within the sangha who are needing help with tasks such as meals, visits, babysitting. If you are in need of help with these, or know of someone who is in need, let the Caring Committee know how we can be of support. You may contact Caya at

  2. Show Me Dharma, through the Caring committee, is committed to providing support in meeting the needs of those facing the effects of catastrophic events such as the recent natural disasters. We intend to address this through offering the opportunity for giving. At each sitting you will have an opportunity to donate for hurricane relief. Or you may make a donation on-line through the Show Me Dharma website (designate that it is for disaster relief) and we will direct the money onward.

  3. Another direction that the Caring Committee is working toward is service to the Columbia community. One direction we are pursuing is organizing a sangha support group to prepare meals and serve at a local homeless kitchen at the United Methodist Church on Wilkes Blvd.

  4. We are investigating possible avenues to connect as a community around the dharma. Some possibilities being explored are a support group and the creating of a dharma buddy program.


The Show Me Dharma Caring Committee was organized to provide helpful services to members of the sangha (or others in the community) in need of support.


Please let us know if you or anyone you know is in need of any type of assistance (e.g., social visits, help with house chores for the physically frail, meals for those who are ill, etc.).


All requests will be honored if possible. If you are interested in volunteering for the caring committee, please contact Caya to let her know. We are always appreciative of those who are willing to volunteer their time and services.


Caya Tanski-French, Chair of Caring Committee
Board of Trustees, Show Me Dharma


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