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The work of Show Me Dharma is made possible by the generosity of our supporters. The teachings have been kept alive for over 2,500 years by those who have voluntarily given so that others might benefit.

In the Buddha’s time and in many countries where Buddhism is practiced today, there is a strong tradition of local community members contributing money, time, and resources to support the monks and nuns, known as sangha.  These contributions are known as dana, in Pali, the language the Buddha taught in.  The Buddha specified that dana must be freely given, not expected or demanded. The locals provided food and materials to the sangha, which in turn provided the community with the Buddha’s teachings, or dharma. Buddhists believe that dana (generosity in Pali) is a way of earning good karma, and many of them donate a significant portion of their resources to the sangha.

Show Me Dharma has adapted and adopted the tradition of dana. We use the word sangha to mean our community of people who practice insight meditation and try to live by the Buddha’s teachings. Our teachers share the dharma freely, without any expectation of compensation. However, we do have rent, and other expenses to pay, and we want to support our teachers’ development by helping them cover the cost of going on meditation retreats or courses to enhance their knowledge and teaching skills.

Therefore, we ask our sangha members to give dana to ensure that our space and the dharma is available to all. If you would like to contribute financially, but aren’t sure how much is appropriate, consider the cost of a yoga class or the amount you would contribute to a church or charity for comparison.

All are welcome in our sangha, regardless of how much they contribute.

To contribute to Show Me Dharma, please make out checks made out to SMD and either leave at the Sangha in the appropriate basket or mail to Show Me Dharma, 1600 W. Broadway, Columbia, Mo 65203. Donations to SMD are tax deductible. Questions can be sent to our treasurer at

Please consider joining the sustaining sangha by becoming a monthly supporter. The surety of heart that our sustaining sangha provides is priceless. As a member, you help to build a bedrock upon which our sangha can rest. Thank you for the ease that comes from knowing that a portion of our operating costs are covered each month. And thank you for your dedication to our sangha and the liberation of the heart/mind for all beings. 

Show Me Dharma is now able to accept donations online, through the services of PayPal and Venmo. Our Venmo username is @ShowMeDharma. You may use a credit card to make a one-time donation or to set up a recurring monthly donation. Please enter the purpose of your contribution (retreat, donation, etc.) and your e-mail address in the “Comments” section.


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